building access control systems

Why Install Building Access Control Systems

Do you have a large warehouse, commercial building, or medical facility? Are you concerned with security and limiting access to certain areas? When you’re ready to take control of your property and have a sensible security system, it’s time to consider installing modern building access control systems.  In order to get the right products for your needs, you’ll need to find a trustworthy commercial locksmith in your area. A job this important should only be handled by ALOA certified, licensed professionals. If you’re in the metro Atlanta area, the pros you can trust with industrial locksmith services are here at Reliable Locksmith. Today, we’d like to share with you some valuable information about building access control systems, and why you should strongly consider an upgrade for you property.

building access control systems

More About Building Access Control Systems


What are building access control systems exactly? They are the answer to your control issues, providing a highly customizable way to manage access to various area of a given property. Similar in some ways to master key systems, building a can limit access to specific areas, but add the extra option of programming and customizing that access to certain hours of the day. For example, take a medical facility with some sensitive lab areas requiring extra security. With a high-tech access system, your cleaning crew can be given limited access at designated quiet hours, all while maintaining ultimate security for the most sensitive areas. Here are some other great advantages to modern access control.

  1. Convenience – Say goodbye to cumbersome traditional key systems, which open up all sorts of security issues due to potential loss or duplication. Access control means you can immediately void or reinstate any user’s access, all from one central control location. Plus, no more replacing lost keys or carrying multiple keys.
  2. Ease of Operation – Control and administer access through a computer system, allowing instant changes in clearance when needed.
  3. Security – Access control relies on positive identification of individuals, which is then authenticated to grant access. The end result? Better safety and security for all of your employees, tenants, or any other individuals located within the property.
  4. Hard to Duplicate – This adds to the security level even more, with duplication of electronic keys requiring much more technical expertise and equipment than traditional keys.
  5. Remote Access – If you’re away from the facility, you can still allow access to others when needed.
  6. Create Logs – Electronic records of entry are automatically logged with modern access control systems. This can prove invaluable in cases of theft or vandalism.

Clearly, for a warehouse, institution, or office building to be truly up-to-date and secure, investment in a quality access control system is imperative. Don’t wait any longer to make the upgrade for your property. Talk to your local, certified commercial locksmith and get the security you deserve today!