atlanta ignition repair

Atlanta Ignition Repair For Less

Ever put your key in the ignition and find that it won’t turn, or even go in all the way? When this happens, there’s a good chance you’ve got a problem with your ignition. But did you know that rather than having to get a tow and go to a dealer or mechanic, you might be able to call on us here at Reliable Locksmith? That’s right, we’re a full service locksmith company based in Dunwoody, but when it comes to any automotive locksmith needs, we’ll come to you! While many folks don’t realize it, our locksmiths are also Atlanta ignition repair experts. With our service, you’ll save time and money for a number of reasons.

First, as mentioned above, we perform repairs on site. No tow trucks to call or wait for. Second, in many cases, we’re able to repair the ignition components rather than having to replace entirely. Another cost savings for you! Finally, when it comes to pricing, ours is always competitive, and 8 times out of 10, we can beat dealer pricing. Factor in the time you’ll save with our prompt service and response, and the savings really start to add up. Remember, we’re a full service locksmith too, so if it isn’t an ignition problem, we’re glad to help with key issues. From basic laser key cuts to repair and replacement of smart keys and fobs, Reliable is ready to help. For now, let’s talk a bit more about our Atlanta ignition repair service and some helpful tips to keep your ignition in good shape.

atlanta ignition repair

Reliable Locksmith: Atlanta Ignition Repair Pros


With over a decade of experience as Atlanta ignition repair experts, we’ve found that certain makes and models seem to have higher rates of ignition problems. Some of these include Honda 2003-2009, Chrysler 1998-2007, and Ford Focus 2001-2006, but certainly troubles can arise on any car. As we mentioned above, the great thing about calling Reliable Locksmith is that we can frequently repair rather than having to do a full replacement. That being said, you’d prefer not to have the issue at all, so here’s a quick tip for healthy ignition.

Check out your key ring, and all the other keys/stuff hanging off the car key. Is it loaded down with lots of keys and extra weight, swinging as you drive around town? That is unfortunately a bad situation for the health of your ignition. It will often lead to your key not gripping and properly sitting in the ignition, and you’ll end up stuck with a key that won’t turn or go in all the way. While we hope you don’t get stuck, if you do, now you know you can call on us for Atlanta ignition repair.

Affordable prices, big time and money savings, and a professional, courteous crew of locksmiths. Our team is always up to date on the latest training, with the proper credentials and tools for the job. Rest easy knowing we’re licensed, insured, and also are ALOA Certified Registered Locksmith (CRL). If you’re in metro Atlanta, trust Reliable Locksmith for all your ignition and locksmith needs!