home lock re-keying

The Importance of Home Lock Re-Keying

When it comes to securing your home, one of the simplest yet most important steps you can take is home lock re-keying. Over the years, copies of keys have a way of ending up in multiple hands, and without taking the precaution of rekeying, you could be exposing your home and family to much more risk than is necessary. So what is home lock re-keying exactly? Well for starters, don’t confuse it with changing the locks, which is a more costly and involved process. With the help of a professional, certified locksmith, you should be able to determine which option is the best for your home’s security. Home lock re-keying is the process of removing and replacing pins and springs from the lock cylinder in order to work with a new key. This saves lots of time and money by not having to replace hardware or drill new holes, but be sure you check with a professional to determine if your existing bolts and hardware are truly sufficient. For example, many new homes are completed with “builder’s grade” locks, which are typically G3 grade. In that case, a trustworthy locksmith should be recommending you upgrade to a G2 grade lock from a solid manufacture like Schlage, complete with a strong deadbolt and strike plate.

As long as your existing locks are adequate, stick with the re-keying option and you’ll be happy with the savings. Re-keying also has the benefit of reducing the access of keys from contractor’s and construction master keys by removing the master pins. Plus, during a typical re-keying service, a professional locksmith is able to evaluate the condition of existing hardware, as well as determine whether it was installed properly. Frequently, small issues such as difficult to turn or sticking locks will be fixed by lubrication during the re-keying process. Also, re-keying is the perfect time to reduce the total number of keys you have to deal with, even making it possible to have one master key for all of your doors.

home lock re-keying


When Is The Right Time for Home Lock Re-Keying?


As with changing the locks, the name of the game is security and maintaining key control for your home. There are many examples of how this control can be compromised, but here are the most common reasons why you should consider re-keying.

  1. You Just Moved In – When you purchase a home, you really can’t know with any confidence who has ever had a key in the past, so don’t take a chance. Re-key immediately!
  2. You’ve Had a Robbery or Had a Purse Stolen – Obviously both of these could lead to keys getting in the wrong hands, so stay one step ahead of the bad guys.
  3. The Current Lock Is Malfunctioning or Weak – Sometimes re-keying can help solve issues with existing locks at a fraction of the cost associated with full hardware replacement. Once again, trust a certified locksmith to determine if this is your best option, or if you should really be upgrading to a higher level of security.
  4. You’ve Lost Track of Existing Key Copies – Whether it’s a contractor, cleaner, or neighbor, at some point you might think there are just too many copies of your keys out in the world. Or worse still, you might have a disgruntled former service provider that didn’t return a key.

While there are some DIY kits available these days that allow homeowners to re-key and reset existing locks, many of these products are less durable and easier to bypass than more traditional pin tumbler locks. Just keep in mind that hiring a trusted, certified professional locksmith means you’re getting access to their knowledge of the best lock products on the market, and their expertise in evaluating your current locks. Look for ALOA certified, licensed professionals to get the job done right. Here in the metro Atlanta area, we at Reliable Locksmith want to be your trusted call for home lock re-keying and all of your other locksmith needs. Call us today for a free consultation!